• Architectural details of modern apartment building.

The Property Owners Association of New Jersey, Inc. founded in 1949, exists to bring together owners and operators of residential real estate, interested parties, and industry personnel for education and  networking purposes.  The organization is comprised of owners and managers as well as individuals who work in housing related industries.

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  • The Apples to Apples of Insurance Coverage - You would think property insurance should be easily understood and not very complicated and all insurance companies that would insure the same type of property would be afford similar coverages maybe with some minor differences.  If that’s what you think then you’re wrong.  It’s rare that two insurance companies will provide identical or nearly identical […]
  • Is Your Tenant’s Dryer A Fire Hazard? - By: Bob Bellis , Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Jersey  Without proper maintenance, the dryer vent is a potential home fire hazard—yet the majority of homeowners are unaware that the problem even exists. The result is venting systems that clog over time and become a growing fire hazard with each load of laundry. Clothes dryer […]
  • Code Upgrades-Are You Covered? - By: Larry Rosen, Rifkin & Rosen Ultimate Property Loss Consultants At almost every meeting, I get questions about code upgrades. Does my insurance policy include code upgrades? What are they? How are they determined? When is there coverage for them? How do I get paid for them? Do I still get paid for the work […]